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Reviews left by diaphane

Wed, Feb 18 9:19 AM diaphane review of Another Massive Session by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
A warm bass in a trip-hop soundscape :)
Tue, Feb 17 2:47 PM diaphane review of See The Wilderness by catayela
You managed to make a song at the same time deep and joyful, despite the gravity...
Tue, Feb 17 5:20 AM diaphane review of Dark Violet Sky by Doxent Zsigmond
You perfectly mixed your own universe with Hans Atom and Snowflake. Delicate wo...
Tue, Feb 17 5:11 AM diaphane review of Persephone by Hans Atom
Each musical atom of this song is a delight indeed, perfect for Snowflake's beau...
Mon, Feb 16 9:58 AM diaphane review of Never let me go by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yeaaaah ! Whose great and deep voice is this ???
Mon, Feb 16 9:54 AM diaphane review of Climb by Snowflake
GORGIOUS !!! As I said to Latopa you are both climbing to the top of excellence,...
Mon, Feb 16 9:51 AM diaphane review of welcome to the crazydome by latopa
You are the king of percussions and demanding music. And with Snowflake's unique...
Sun, Feb 15 7:52 AM diaphane review of Howmany Is Toomany (remix 500) by Speck
Amazing, surprising, "specking" !! What a crazy work, a great and inspiring gi...
Sat, Feb 14 11:11 AM diaphane review of Willkommen in der Traumfabrik by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yeah !!!! Perfect for a "Psychedelisch Traum"
Sat, Feb 14 11:01 AM diaphane review of Two turntables by Dysfunction_AL
Yeahhh, great union between pop, rock and hip-hop
Sat, Feb 14 1:51 AM diaphane review of Black lullaby by catayela
A touch of The Cure, a pinch of rock and trip-hop, and a mysterious and very int...
Mon, Feb 9 9:45 AM diaphane review of Midnight ft. Diaphane by electron_boms
Hello, nice to meet you :) Thanks for including me in your electro and mysteriou...
Mon, Feb 9 9:43 AM diaphane review of Embrace the Taste - Snowflake (electron boms trance mix) by electron_boms
I do agree with Snowflake :)
Sat, Feb 7 2:23 AM diaphane review of David's Knife by unreal_dm
Gorgeous arrangements, drums + guitar + bass are subtle. Thank you very much for...
Wed, Feb 4 1:43 PM diaphane review of sunday afternoon by Kristian Skybound
The industrial side of your music, repeated loops and bells are very interesting...