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Reviews left by diaphane

Thu, Feb 26 3:23 PM diaphane review of Treeline (Chain Saw Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Your wide range of musical styles is impressive, from jazz to rock, and always b...
Thu, Feb 26 3:18 PM diaphane review of The Massive Session (Garage Jazz) by Siobhan Dakay
I'm very honored being in your mix, in such a high-class music with such a good ...
Wed, Feb 25 9:14 PM diaphane review of Melancholia is (not) dead by Stefan Kartenberg
1,2,3,4 FANTASTISCH !!!! Your arrangements are great, you’re so talented, I lo...
Wed, Feb 25 2:03 AM diaphane review of Secret Things (pell) by Snowflake
I would like to find another word stronger than BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
Wed, Feb 25 1:55 AM diaphane review of Stop by Stefan Kartenberg
It's like swimming in a crystal lake, beautiful !!!!
Wed, Feb 25 1:52 AM diaphane review of Bankland by Stefan Kartenberg
Nothing to add, except
Wed, Feb 25 1:48 AM diaphane review of TheWeatherLastCut by TheVillain
I do agree with SackJo :)
Wed, Feb 25 1:47 AM diaphane review of The Weather by TheVillain
Great voice
Wed, Feb 25 1:39 AM diaphane review of Samba Tanto Ruido by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Your bass gives an extra soul to the original song, very nice and well-done
Sun, Feb 22 2:12 AM diaphane review of Le tour de tes nuits by unreal_dm
Thanks to you, even if you are native from Great Britain, I feel like discoverin...
Thu, Feb 19 5:16 AM diaphane review of hock and aitken by stellarartwars
I love your musical jungle !But for your voice, let me know if you have eaten D...
Thu, Feb 19 5:08 AM diaphane review of Rich by Adisa McKenzie
Deep and beautiful voice !!!
Thu, Feb 19 5:07 AM diaphane review of Rich ft. Adisa McKenzie (update) by reiswerk
Speck is right ! Sweet and rough at the same time, great job !!!!
Thu, Feb 19 5:04 AM diaphane review of Naturally by Vidian
Quick but great song :)
Thu, Feb 19 4:58 AM diaphane review of Acceptance Lullaby by Speck
Hypnotic snow song for meditation, introspection... You're lucky having such a ...