Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by diaphane

Wed, Oct 2 11:38 AM diaphane review of Mont et Merveille by Alex
Woow!! A "subtil" mix of electro-dance music with a touch of nostalgy! Thank you...
Mon, Sep 30 11:50 PM diaphane review of extra ordinary by AT
Like in a dream............
Mon, Sep 30 11:47 PM diaphane review of Into The Night by AT
So delicate and poetic, thank you AT!!!!! :)
Mon, Sep 30 12:46 AM diaphane review of October by Doxent Zsigmond
Sun, Sep 29 2:29 AM diaphane review of Mont et Merveille by Doxent Zsigmond
So pure and beautiful "musique de nuit", with a touch of jazz!!! Thank you so mu...
Tue, Sep 24 10:14 AM diaphane review of Freedom in our Voices by ditto ditto
My favourite song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue, Sep 24 12:52 AM diaphane review of My Passion (Duckshine Mix) by duckett
Great :) 'makes the little yellow duck dancing!
Mon, Sep 23 4:10 PM diaphane review of Mont et Merveille by ditto ditto
Would you like to go to the Mont Saint-Michel with me? Beautiful song!!
Mon, Sep 23 4:00 PM diaphane review of Get Happy! by Scomber
Nice and fresh music , feel like in spring :) and what beautiful english and fre...
Mon, Sep 23 3:47 PM diaphane review of Aide-moi à passer la nuit by Scomber
Thank you so much, from a little frenchie singer! The music is great,I love it!!...
Mon, Sep 23 3:02 PM diaphane review of ciggiburns mag See The Wilderness by magmavander
Very smooth , like a sweet night in Paris !!
Mon, Sep 23 2:51 PM diaphane review of When I Dream of You by Scomber
Great mix between classical jazz-music and the modernity of trip-hop voices , co...