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Reviews left by diaphane

Thu, Aug 28 2:38 AM diaphane review of Reach for the stars by radiotimes
Genial !
Tue, Aug 19 7:04 PM diaphane review of The Rainbow by charlie_charles
So happy to hear from you again :) Such a beautiful atmosphere and music, happy ...
Wed, Jul 23 12:50 AM diaphane review of 2000 Lichtjahre (Strand mix) by keytronic
Sehr gut und original! I agree with CiggiBurns! Swing and joy mixed with german ...
Thu, Jul 17 3:18 PM diaphane review of Mercurochrome by rocavaco
Beautiful summer-jazz It's perfect for a warm evening in Paris! You made an ama...
Sun, Jul 13 6:09 AM diaphane review of Hiding in a Shadow by remaxim
Just pure and beautiful!
Fri, Jul 11 11:12 PM diaphane review of David's Knife by Briareus
Oh yes you did it justice! Thank you very very much! Your music is original, bea...
Mon, Jul 7 3:17 AM diaphane review of Lord Of The Eighties (North Olympic Rabbit Rescue Remix) by coruscate
Thank you Coruscate for this very interesting "rocky" experiment even if it's n...
Sun, Mar 2 4:42 AM diaphane review of The Universe and my so-called life by Hans Atom
You are good in every kind of music , from rock'n folk to hip-hop !Congratulatio...
Sun, Feb 16 11:57 AM diaphane review of Find Jaw Way by Loveshadow
Great association between your music and this sexy deep voice !!!!
Sun, Feb 16 11:41 AM diaphane review of Feel free! Plastic surgery! by Hans Atom
Great!! I'm shaking my head and my hair ;)
Sat, Feb 8 3:44 AM diaphane review of The_First_Thing_About_Me by Stefan Kartenberg
Sehr sehr gut Job !!!! (Arbeiten Sie Tag und Nacht??? :) Very good job. Are you ...
Sat, Feb 8 3:34 AM diaphane review of The First Thing About Me by brad sucks
Great voice !!!!
Fri, Feb 7 12:45 PM diaphane review of End Of The Week by charlie_charles
Merci beaucoup !!! You have created the disco-jazz ;) Have a nice friday night f...
Tue, Feb 4 4:02 PM diaphane review of SundaY AfternooN by Dysfunction_AL
Thanks to you for including me in your great musical digression :)
Sat, Feb 1 2:46 AM diaphane review of On the sea by unreal_dm
Ohhh Thank you!!!! It is so sweet, smooth and delicate !Delightful! Merciii!