Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by diaphane

Sat, Nov 8 7:12 AM diaphane review of Extinct - Vocals and Guitar by Kara Square
I love it Kara ! Beautiful voice(s) and so deep and intelligent lyrics. Great
Sat, Nov 8 7:07 AM diaphane review of All I Need feat J.Gomes by Stefan Kartenberg
Supers harmonies comme toujours !
Sun, Nov 2 11:29 AM diaphane review of Brilliant Day by Hans Atom
Clear and crystalline sounds, and deep + inspired electronic music for a beauti...
Sun, Nov 2 11:22 AM diaphane review of On The Line by chaosdan
Great mix and association between your music and Snowflake's voice.
Sun, Nov 2 11:18 AM diaphane review of The End by Snowflake
I'm coming three years too late, but this is just perfect :) I love the chorus.
Sun, Nov 2 11:13 AM diaphane review of Wasserspiele (water garden) by Stefan Kartenberg
So inventive !!! Great, with Kara’s voice and yours.Makes me want to have a sh...
Sun, Nov 2 10:57 AM diaphane review of We're Stronger as a Whole, Luv by copperhead
What an amazing work !!!! Bravo
Wed, Oct 29 8:27 AM diaphane review of Erase by Stefan Kartenberg
Hallo! Sie sprechen Französich sehr gut :) Perfect mix very well-balanced. You...
Mon, Oct 27 9:26 AM diaphane review of Living Without You by charlie_charles
Once again a great musical jewel box for a beautiful voice . Three thumbs :)
Sun, Oct 26 3:20 AM diaphane review of cityGarden by airtone
Pure and beautiful, a musical sweet rain perfect in SackJo’s garden :)
Sun, Oct 26 3:14 AM diaphane review of Control Me by Shebbe
Great :)
Sun, Oct 26 3:04 AM diaphane review of Don't You Run by Calling Sister Midnight
Absolutely beautiful, and such an amazing voice
Sat, Oct 25 1:08 PM diaphane review of Modern Love by charlie_charles
Very good reggae vibes and such an amazing voice !
Sat, Oct 25 1:02 PM diaphane review of Lord Of The Eighties by charlie_charles
Masterpiece :) As I already told you, it's a perfect mix between different unive...
Sat, Oct 25 12:38 PM diaphane review of The Rainbow feat. diaphane by Levihica
Hi Levihica, nice to meet you :) Very nice attempt to chillstep ! It's new for...