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Reviews left by diaphane

Sat, Oct 24 3:53 PM diaphane review of Solace by Rewob
Beautiful !
Fri, Oct 16 10:16 AM diaphane review of Music Is Magic by Stefan Kartenberg
Great job as always !!! A thorough work :) And I like your music, it sounds jst ...
Fri, Sep 4 7:30 AM diaphane review of Linked by charlie_charles
Delicate and beautiful !
Sat, Aug 29 8:48 AM diaphane review of Girls from Havana by charlie_charles
Very nice avant-gardiste and dadaïste havana-dance party ;) Thanks for includin...
Fri, Aug 21 11:53 AM diaphane review of Tapis volant by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Great bass, it gives a different and deep atmosphere ;)
Thu, Aug 20 1:05 AM diaphane review of Long whisper by Stefan Kartenberg
Everything you touch is gold !!!! Your harmonies are beautiful, especially on "Y...
Wed, Aug 19 12:17 AM diaphane review of Couldn't Care Less (Vocals) by Kara Square
Great song between hip-hop and rock'n'roll. I love the cat in your video :) And ...
Wed, Aug 19 12:12 AM diaphane review of Couldn't Care Less by Stefan Kartenberg
Papapapapapapapapa........ Yeahhh !!!! Rock'n'roll attitude. Custom-made for Kar...
Wed, Aug 19 12:02 AM diaphane review of Plastic Planet by rocavaco
Tue, Aug 18 11:57 PM diaphane review of lost by latopa
Really beautiful... Very well-balanced between percus and piano/guitar. Inventiv...
Tue, Aug 18 5:54 AM diaphane review of Time has come feat Sackjo22 by reiswerk
Delicate, sweet and "très réussi", with a gorgeous voice. Bravo !!!!!
Mon, Aug 10 10:19 AM diaphane review of This is not Love feat. Diaphane. by reiswerk
Yeah !!!! Hello Reiswerk, thanks for this inventive mix with a touch of "world-m...
Sun, Jul 19 2:17 AM diaphane review of Never Know by charlie_charles
Thanks for including this happy rythm and funky vibes in this slow song. Nice to...
Mon, Jul 13 11:45 AM diaphane review of Power by P7R7L5 (DJ Yegor)
Great sounds for RioBravo's voice !!! Thanks for including me, nice to meet you ...
Fri, Jul 3 11:09 AM diaphane review of Boutros Boutros Ghali by Alexander Chereshnev
Very inventive, great atmosphere and gorgeous choice of voice !!!