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Reviews left by coruscate

Tue, Mar 17 4:12 AM coruscate review of ccMixter beats vol.1 by Apoxode
I've been so busy trying to finish what I had on my plate I had not noticed this...
Fri, Mar 13 12:18 AM coruscate review of Ethnikyro (East Winds) by Djaii (as "Kyro")
Thank you for sharing these, they are useful! I've been meaning to use the voice...
Thu, Mar 12 9:30 PM coruscate review of untitled funky space track by greyguy
Hey I dig this, plenty of boom bap and something to zone out to. Or rap to. I th...
Thu, Mar 12 9:26 PM coruscate review of VISIONARIES by BOCREW LAB (ft. IDzeroNo) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice booming track, lots of textures, lots of fuzz. Definite chill material for ...
Thu, Mar 12 9:24 PM coruscate review of Head strong. by reiswerk
Super cool hip hop track!
Wed, Mar 11 1:19 AM coruscate review of when we do by cyba
A highly enjoyable romp through sounds and textures. Just enough stomp to keep y...
Tue, Mar 10 9:04 PM coruscate review of Elevator by Ms.Vybe
Crazy def! Too bad there's no pella attached, I'd love to remix this.
Sun, Mar 8 3:16 AM coruscate review of Lullaby for Day by Dominique Cypr├Ęs
A simple tune, I'm surprised it's unused. It has range, depth and put through a ...
Sun, Mar 8 3:02 AM coruscate review of Longed For World by Speck
Fun and gritty!
Sat, Mar 7 2:17 AM coruscate review of Long Live Water by Colin Mutchler
This is a real tight set of lyricism and delivery!
Sat, Mar 7 2:13 AM coruscate review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by ScOmBer
From a "crate digger" to a "crate digger" the backing track was a master class c...
Sat, Mar 7 2:10 AM coruscate review of H2O instrumental by airtone
This is excellent work! Absolutely mesmerizing!
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