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Reviews left by CiggiBurns

Sat, Feb 7 3:42 AM CiggiBurns review of Alone & Deflated by Scott Altham
The sun came out (I know - bit of a shock!)and shone into my room while I was li...
Thu, Feb 5 10:07 AM CiggiBurns review of 2# Nine Pella by panu
Terrific words - especially the ink on eyelids line. I could listen to your ...
Thu, Feb 5 10:00 AM CiggiBurns review of There aint no message in the bottle (and a $20 high) by Scomber
So cool it's straight from the fridge. I love it. Your new picture reminds m...
Wed, Feb 4 5:19 AM CiggiBurns review of Alone Together by Anchor
Bone meltingly beautiful and original, Mr Mejans. A perfect setting for Kaer's j...
Tue, Feb 3 5:55 AM CiggiBurns review of Fall to Pieces (for Sakura Kaminari/Cherry Blossom Storm) by reblaw27
Your voice is in a different class. It just pours out as crystal clear as notes ...
Wed, Jan 28 5:40 AM CiggiBurns review of Come Back 2 Me (Snippet mix) by duckett
I like this a lot and I'm leaving a piece of cake beside your pond.
Tue, Jan 27 6:03 AM CiggiBurns review of Wildcat by oldDog
Atmospheric and haunting and I'm there - not sitting in a London suburb.
Sun, Jan 25 5:47 AM CiggiBurns review of Not Like That (wonder mix) by oldDog
I love this one. Played it 1,000,019 times over Spring/Summer 2007. And I still ...
Sat, Jan 24 5:39 AM CiggiBurns review of truth in the backyard by oldDog
A perfect blend of unique talents. Beautiful.
Fri, Jan 23 6:48 AM CiggiBurns review of I Am Hurt I Am Dirt by radiotimes
Came home wet and cold from a shopping trip to Sainsbury's and this made me laug...
Fri, Jan 23 6:40 AM CiggiBurns review of More Than a Little Dirty by oldDog
This is one of my all time favourites. I love the words and Kaer's edgy, stylish...
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