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Not much is known about Chris Shendo. What is known is his passion for music is surpassed by very little in this world. He is a classically trained musician with the skill to surpass genre biases, forging his own path through the world of music at the speed of sound. A trained audio engineer and businessman, Chris is now forging toward superstardom in an attempt to conquer the music industry and bring quality back to the realm of audio. “Without music there is nothing. Life cannot coexist without it flowing through it’s bloodstream. The world would be a cold, bitter place if we did not have this outlet into our imagination, this portal away from the harsh realities of today. The only thing that is certain until the end of time is the fact that whatever we do, there will always be a soundtrack to it.”
Chris is currently working on his ‘09 release at the Winter Music Conference, including works from CCMixter artists such as Norine B.

*I am always looking to collaborate with other musicians. If you are interested, please contact me or express your interest!*-C.S.
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