Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Camburn

Sun, May 1 1:45 PM Camburn review of Burn feat. Camburn by Donkey Horse Mule
How come I never heard this before? I likey. Cool tune.
Sun, May 1 10:02 AM Camburn review of Strike the Root by Admiral Bob
I had not caught this before. This is very beautiful.
Sun, May 1 8:24 AM Camburn review of Admiral Bob Strikes The Root by copperhead
Very nice. Who is that good as h#ll singer up in there?
Thu, Apr 28 11:22 AM Camburn review of Broken Song of Peace feat. Snowflake by Papa_Zulu
Love it.
Thu, Apr 28 11:18 AM Camburn review of Bass and Guit Dance Samples by Papa_Zulu
I like this. It's the perfect example of things I should not be listening to as ...
Sun, Apr 24 2:01 PM Camburn review of Beat and vocal sample by debbizo
Sun, Apr 24 1:54 PM Camburn review of Cool Dudes by unreal_dm
Sweet. I especially like your chorus. It's too cool.
Thu, Apr 21 8:41 PM Camburn review of Surprise Me by copperhead
Oooooh...sweet. Nice vocals and mix.
Thu, Apr 21 6:24 PM Camburn review of Sliding Away by texasradiofish
Wow this is so chill and smooth. Had to put that in my faves. Great work and bea...
Thu, Apr 21 12:27 PM Camburn review of Who Am I by copperhead
Awesome mix. Another one of my fave tracks.
Thu, Apr 21 12:18 PM Camburn review of The Earth Is My Church by copperhead
Hehe, obviously a fave of mine...
Thu, Apr 21 12:15 PM Camburn review of Superbad Chocolate Box by copperhead
I listened to this a loooooong time ago several times and I thought it was hot a...