Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Camburn

Fri, Feb 24 3:59 PM Camburn review of Luv Em or Leave Em by copperhead
This is on fire! Great feel and amazing vocals. Everyone sounded wonderful.
Sat, Feb 11 11:30 AM Camburn review of Broken Needs by Admiral Bob
This is very beautiful in every way.
Tue, Jan 24 1:27 AM Camburn review of I'm on Fire by CSoul
Fun track, lol. Fast. I liked it a lot. The music is awesome.
Tue, Jan 24 12:34 AM Camburn review of Woods of Chaos by musikpirat
This is beautiful. I have it playing while I'm surfing around. Extremely touchin...
Sat, Jul 30 11:39 AM Camburn review of Living For Dreams by CSoul
This is a really awesome mix too. In fact I had to listen to it twice. Very powe...
Sat, Jul 30 11:31 AM Camburn review of Crank it up (fireproof indeed) by CSoul
Have not been on this site. Randomly stopped in so I just heard this. Thank you ...
Thu, Jul 7 7:11 PM Camburn review of Can't We All Just Get Along? by copperhead
Thu, Jun 2 4:41 PM Camburn review of Unfinished Soldier by copperhead
Thu, Jun 2 4:37 PM Camburn review of Flying away (Vocals by Camburn) steppyrmx by whytong
Your music is very nice and I like your idea. Would you like me to re-sing that ...
Tue, May 31 5:34 AM Camburn review of Bad Luck by Hans Atom
Yes...I do like it. Another wonderful job with everything. Really nice. You're m...
Mon, May 23 8:15 PM Camburn review of Hourglass by copperhead
Very cool mix...
Fri, May 6 8:08 AM Camburn review of Inferno is a place on earth by Hans Atom
I like it. Cool alternative. I think you did a wonderful job. I was going to pos...