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Reviews left for Briareus

Sat, Jan 21 5:29 PM SackJo22 review of Still Waiting by Briareus
Nice sound, gentle groove. Much enjoyed the richness of it all.
Fri, Jan 20 8:21 PM Zenboy1955 review of Still Waiting by Briareus
Tons of subtle, interesting things going on here. I particularly like the wah on...
Fri, Dec 2 10:02 AM Hans Atom review of Another Lullaby by Briareus
Nice sound, love the way how guitar and synth go along together so smooth. Great...
Sat, Nov 19 2:35 PM Hans Atom review of Paris by Briareus
Great mix, beautiful sound. Love the synth patterns.
Thu, Oct 6 9:21 AM SackJo22 review of Paris by Briareus
It's nice to hear your unique sound again -- the rich round tone of your bass is...
Thu, Oct 6 2:01 AM BOCrew review of Paris by Briareus
THank For the Remix Briareus, Thats a really cool remix Great !!
Sat, Jul 9 4:03 AM Zenboy1955 review of Hothouse Roses by Briareus
Nice use of gating for rhythmic effect. Taking a little Trance technique and ven...
Wed, Apr 27 4:58 AM Calyman review of Call Me by Briareus
Wow ! (longer in the track).. I'm a fan of that, for sure ! Roots and big bass e...
Thu, Jan 13 12:27 AM texasradiofish review of On the Schuylkill by Briareus
Nicely grooves along, B
Wed, Jan 12 4:30 AM texasradiofish review of White Light by Briareus
Sat, Jan 8 9:55 PM Apoxode review of White Light by Briareus
Elegant and energetic! Really liked the saxophone, would you be willing to sha...
Mon, Dec 27 9:24 PM SackJo22 review of Empty Boxes by Briareus
Nice. Nice and intense. I love your bass sound. Thanks so much for including me...
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