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Reviews left for Briareus

Sun, Apr 5 7:54 PM Whitewolf review of Virus by Briareus
Love the 60's vibe, fits really well with millaze's vocals. Wonderful creativity...
Fri, Mar 13 9:20 AM Apoxode review of We Rise by Briareus
Cool remix, good choice for vocals :) Also credit: Kara Square - We Rise
Wed, Feb 5 4:55 PM DJ Nicodemus Alora review of Blindly Love by Briareus
This is fun and funky! I particularly like the guitar (though I'm perhaps a bit...
Tue, Dec 24 4:41 AM lynndresel review of Lost Boy by Briareus
Wow! Thanks for that amazing remix! This really does the song justice and tells ...
Sun, Oct 27 1:08 AM texasradiofish review of Homesick Nights by Briareus
Alright! Briareus is back. Good to hear your latest SMOOVE, B
Wed, Oct 31 6:37 PM Soundtrails review of On Swanston by Briareus
Call Watson...on the river...Nice Chords.
Sun, Oct 28 10:00 PM texasradiofish review of On Swanston by Briareus
Great instrument track, B Stems would be nice.
Thu, Oct 25 10:37 AM Snowflake review of Drones In My Head by Briareus
thank you for this compelling piece.
Mon, Oct 22 2:17 PM Apoxode review of On Swanston by Briareus
I really like what you're doing here! It's got a slow-fast beat and layers of to...
Mon, Oct 22 4:38 AM robwalkerpoet review of On Swanston by Briareus
Love this on so many levels Briareus!
Sun, Sep 23 5:05 AM Radioontheshelf review of Puzzles by Briareus
Got tht slinky feeling that moves along beautifully
Sat, Mar 24 3:55 AM robwalkerpoet review of Who Are You? by Briareus
Thanks for using my words, my friend. The synth with reverb even reminds me of "...
Fri, Mar 23 11:20 PM texasradiofish review of Who Are You? by Briareus
Intense, B
Fri, Mar 23 11:14 AM urmymuse review of Who Are You? by Briareus
intense but shimmering track ... like it !
Sun, Jan 28 12:38 AM texasradiofish review of Over the Glare by Briareus
Nice chill, beat vox effect mix, B Well done!