Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Briareus

Tue, Mar 24 3:22 PM Briareus review of tonight I love you by oldDog
Yeah Dog! I love this. The accordian, the harmonies, the orchestration... I'm tr...
Sat, Mar 21 6:21 AM Briareus review of what if by maajonic
This is a really nice pella. You've got very thoughtful lyrics combined with an ...
Sat, Mar 21 6:11 AM Briareus review of White Lies (Dimlight Remix) by Dimlight
Beautiful! A really nice, well balanced mix - I keep thinking of Sarah McLachlan...
Sat, Mar 21 6:05 AM Briareus review of Drugs of Choice (Nashville Skyline Mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
What a great tune for a Sunday morning. You've hit the magic button here!
Fri, Mar 13 11:15 AM Briareus review of I Am Stretched On Your Grave Pella by queeniemusic
Wonderful! A beautiful rendition of this 17th century ballad.
Sun, Mar 8 12:48 PM Briareus review of JUpiter's Retrograde in Panis angelicus by +++ A.M. mews by MommaLuv +++
Beautiful! You have such a great range. I'm honored that you included my samp...
Sat, Mar 7 10:45 AM Briareus review of I Wonder If God Was Sleeping by Alex
Man, this is one awesome track! I'd give you 10 more if I could.
Wed, Mar 4 4:11 PM Briareus review of U MISS THE TIME YOU NEVER HAD by +++ A.M. mews by MommaLuv +++
Really beautiful. I love it when you do this...
Mon, Mar 2 9:33 AM Briareus review of Whispering Gallery Chant by radiotimes
Really nice ambiance to this piece. I'm enjoying it here at work.
Mon, Mar 2 9:28 AM Briareus review of Qualquiehmohtreta (soul music liberties vibe) by shagrugge
I really like this. A nice jazzy dub feel - great for listening at work.
Mon, Mar 2 9:26 AM Briareus review of HighWireD by Mr. SuperFaNTasTic by +++ A.M. mews by MommaLuv +++
I'm a facebook flunkie and I deeply resemble that remark! I really like this ...
Wed, Feb 11 5:14 PM Briareus review of Walking with Me by ScOmBer
Not undercooked! Nicely moves along w/o being repetitious.