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Reviews left by Briareus

Sat, Aug 8 7:48 PM Briareus review of Fast Horse To My Imagination by radiotimes
Whoa Nelly! What a fast ride.
Thu, Jul 23 6:19 PM Briareus review of Emily a cappella by CiggiBurns
I love this! You're postings are one of the things that make this site so first ...
Sun, Jul 5 1:18 PM Briareus review of The War Machine by morgantj
Excellent! You've done a great job with this pell.
Mon, Jun 29 5:35 PM Briareus review of Night Nurse by CiggiBurns
Gorgeous! Absolutely! Leaves me needing medical attention just listening.
Mon, Jun 29 5:31 PM Briareus review of MetalHeads by grayhartgray
This is great. You are really exceptionally talented. Bubbly pop and a bit r...
Tue, Jun 23 5:58 PM Briareus review of On Silken Sheets by eshar
Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing.
Fri, Jun 19 5:57 PM Briareus review of Sick by grayhartgray
This is another really nice pella you've posted. Very Floydish... I will be remi...
Sun, Jun 14 5:25 AM Briareus review of Left for Me by grayhartgray
Another great pella! Your mp3 is encoded at 48kHz. Try encoding at 44.1 (or a...
Sun, Jun 14 5:20 AM Briareus review of Threw You by grayhartgray
This is a very infectious tune. I can hear a little Imogene Heap, but only a lit...
Thu, Jun 11 6:48 PM Briareus review of Baudelaire by Anchor
You've both done a beautiful job on this piece. I'm very honored to be part of i...
Thu, Jun 4 5:13 AM Briareus review of Bogi Beat Budapest by Budapest BluesBoy
Yes, phenomenal.
Wed, May 13 5:34 PM Briareus review of Elizabeth June (ground's on fire) by teru
I love this, Mr T. Great atmospherics that are perfect for kristin's vox. To...