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Reviews left by Bluemillenium

Sun, Oct 2 4:17 AM Bluemillenium review of Sixteen Tons by Stefan Kartenberg
Magique ! je déguste ce morceau en soirée et je me surprend entrain de bouge...
Sun, Oct 2 4:15 AM Bluemillenium review of Weathered Faces by @nop
Un mélange symbolique, une extase musicale, superbe !
Sun, Oct 2 4:14 AM Bluemillenium review of Parfois .... by VickyDan
ta touche sur ce morceau est unique est admirable ! Bravo
Sun, Jul 24 3:31 AM Bluemillenium review of unforgiven by Kristian Skybound
a world of dreams ....
Sun, Jul 24 3:19 AM Bluemillenium review of Mr Rabbit by Stefan Kartenberg
You are a sound magician!
Sun, Jul 17 1:15 PM Bluemillenium review of Shatter Your Heart by Loveshadow
What a great performance, I love all and especially the work on the mix, it's ve...
Thu, Jul 14 1:51 AM Bluemillenium review of By By Baby by Stefan Kartenberg
Super !! L'ensemble des voix est magnifiquement travaillé, bravo.
Fri, Jul 8 11:03 PM Bluemillenium review of I Miss You (Quintett) no drums by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful musical and vocal composition, very pleasant to listen. Your contribu...
Mon, Jul 4 9:50 PM Bluemillenium review of for those that now regret ..... by urmymuse
A great rock track with singing Timberman. It is beautiful and good, very good ...
Mon, Jul 4 9:47 PM Bluemillenium review of Philip Marlowe by Stefan Kartenberg
Thank you for this journey into the sustain and the echo of brass instruments, s...
Mon, Jul 4 9:44 PM Bluemillenium review of Just breath by reiswerk
another excellent track, hear the artist!
Mon, Jul 4 9:41 PM Bluemillenium review of Inside Outside - Gaga Mix by johnathon_data
Oh, good music and mixing work, bravo! I love your musical atmosphere.
Sun, Jul 3 6:48 AM Bluemillenium review of An Echo From The Ages by Speck
Hello Mr Speck, still a great mix you made us. I love the choice of brass, ...
Sat, Jun 25 2:48 AM Bluemillenium review of Forever by unreal_dm
The a perfect union! Everything is great and excellent. Thank you for this ...
Sat, Jun 11 12:16 AM Bluemillenium review of Kokoro No Koe O Kikasete (Metal Remix 2016) ft veezyn by Ivan Chew
oh that is dynamic and full of beautiful harmonies. It's a great job. I really l...