Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by BOCrew

Tue, Jan 6 11:44 AM BOCrew review of 4nsic (syllable dissection vibe) by shagrugge
luv this original jazzy hip hop savour dope beat
Sun, Jan 4 3:42 AM BOCrew review of Poet Laureate by Ramses Khan
Dope !!! ahh rare trak
Sun, Jan 4 3:12 AM BOCrew review of Infinity by Ramses Khan
Dope Keep Rock
Mon, Dec 22 9:38 PM BOCrew review of Nobody's Got My D.N.A. by S_Wallis
you do what you gat to do!!! the pressor limiter clipping can be an effect. ...
Mon, Dec 22 9:35 PM BOCrew review of Hey Kid/Billy Goat Stomp by teru
really expressive!!! really like it
Sat, Dec 13 8:18 PM BOCrew review of Falling to Pieces-The J. Lang Treatment by J.Lang
Very warm, very peacefull very modern!!! A gat dam' cool tral
Tue, Dec 2 2:03 AM BOCrew review of Moving As One-Sultry Mix by J.Lang
Tue, Dec 2 2:00 AM BOCrew review of let yall know by FORENSIC
Sun, Nov 23 5:09 AM BOCrew review of NASA by BoomShaak
sound really really good Keep Rock Homie!!
Sun, Nov 23 4:43 AM BOCrew review of I Wonder If God Was Sleeping ? by Loveshadow
BRILLIANT DAMNED!!!! sound dope!!!
Sun, Nov 16 12:21 PM BOCrew review of What Cha Waitin' For? by CASchubert
incredible guitar and trak!!! maybe can you post this guitar like a sample? ...
Wed, Nov 12 8:56 PM BOCrew review of Cuantas_veces by SilviaO
sound really nice!!!!
Tue, Oct 14 3:06 AM BOCrew review of Nouvelle Life by kulimu
Hey Homie this trak is dope i luv repetitive melody. the bass is dope so Da...
Sun, Oct 12 7:02 AM BOCrew review of Take a look by BoomShaak
very good Keep Rock!!
Fri, Oct 3 2:29 AM BOCrew review of Go Wit Me by DJ.E-State
Ah!! great work homie and really nice traK