Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by BOCrew

Sat, Apr 18 2:52 AM BOCrew review of Unstable (Riding in BOCREW's Machine mix) by Vidian
You are an artist man. this is dope!!! i think too much people here think l...
Fri, Mar 13 6:28 PM BOCrew review of gros bon ange_PoP_MiX by wellman
Great work Homie! i really like it!!!!!
Thu, Mar 5 11:38 PM BOCrew review of Sometimes Summertime by Scomber
WOWO this is really really Great!!! your Voice is really Magic on it!!!
Thu, Mar 5 3:04 AM BOCrew review of The Recipe 2 by DJ.E-State
hey homie great BEAT and great MC'S
Thu, Mar 5 3:01 AM BOCrew review of Ms.Muthaphukkin Vybe - Caution to the wind (djiz remix) by Kwame
HEY HOMIE i really like this trak Damn good!!! why you say old school? a...
Tue, Feb 24 2:13 AM BOCrew review of SOMETIMES''its a sore subject,''WHY'' by beckfords
cool to hear you again!! homie its fantastic!!! really nice flow. luv the Chor...
Fri, Feb 13 8:45 PM BOCrew review of Wont you Stop (playing with my heart just cause your hot) by Scomber
Wed, Feb 11 11:05 PM BOCrew review of Walking with Me by Scomber
Incredible Trak!!! and mix
Sun, Feb 8 1:19 AM BOCrew review of another one by grapes
hey HOMIE THIS DOPE!!!!!!!
Sun, Feb 8 1:16 AM BOCrew review of Blisster by simonlittlefield
hey man luv your guitar and your trak fresh dope rock!!!
Sun, Jan 25 9:05 PM BOCrew review of Micro by DoKashiteru
Love the way how you experiment with all thats sounds and events that's grea...
Thu, Jan 8 12:54 AM BOCrew review of Nuckin' Futs by 4Ress_Projek
Respect too BODDYKER and peace too DragonSound Studio, Manila Philippin...
Tue, Jan 6 12:10 PM BOCrew review of Never Heard a Rhyme Like This Before by Scott Altham
luv this Dark vyke on it Great soundTrak
Tue, Jan 6 12:04 PM BOCrew review of Reason why I rock by DJ.E-State
Hey E i know this key sample you used it better than i would like to do!! Do...
Tue, Jan 6 11:56 AM BOCrew review of Faces of Debt by 4Ress_Projek
FF GREEN AND BODDYKER a minimal oustanding beat and a Crazy rapping flow from...