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Reviews left by Apoxode

Thu, Jul 23 6:31 AM Apoxode review of Bitten by the Bug (Space Disco Mix) by Whitewolf
Dig the 70s groove! :)
Thu, Jul 23 6:11 AM Apoxode review of Concrete Umbrella by Speck
Immersive ambience, underscoring a futuristic landscape -- I got the sense of vi...
Sun, Jul 19 11:32 PM Apoxode review of A Smattering Of Patterning by Speck
Awesome, very much digging the electro jazz. Fills the space and flows, with an ...
Sun, Jul 19 11:23 PM Apoxode review of What About Bergman by Speck
Nice! Crazy mad fun, love the energy in this one :)
Mon, Jul 13 6:10 PM Apoxode review of Hanging Improvisation by septahelix
Nice work, septahelix, good flow and a subtle energy whilst keeping a mellow vib...
Sat, Jul 11 5:29 PM Apoxode review of BLM 8:46 mix by J.Lang
This is the anthem. Right on Jay, right on Snowflake!
Sat, Jul 11 5:21 PM Apoxode review of Count On Me by Zep Hurme
Nice, awesome from bar 1 on :)
Fri, Jul 10 5:20 PM Apoxode review of higher and higher by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice one, Martin, you know you have to upload the pella now, right? :) Thank you...
Fri, Jul 10 5:07 PM Apoxode review of C O U N T O N M E (just like 1 2 3) by @CrazyLittleAsian
Backing track is nice, if not yours, whose track is it?
Fri, Jul 10 5:02 PM Apoxode review of Come Path Woms Every Time by EsencayEnis
Please upload the stems for this track.
Fri, Jul 10 5:02 PM Apoxode review of Pipes of a Stranger by EsencayEnis
Please upload the stems for this track.
Wed, Jul 8 8:43 PM Apoxode review of Mode mp3 by Convertor
You definitely made it work! Your skills are getting better with each upload, d...
Tue, Jul 7 6:20 PM Apoxode review of Kripaa by Chandan Boruah
Great energy in this track, any chance you can split up the instrumental more, I...
Sun, Jul 5 4:55 PM Apoxode review of スーパー Supa Jaiantsu Spaceman by Bluemillenium
Three of the stems are silence: "Lead vocal", "Drums", "Harmonica"
Sat, Jul 4 12:19 AM Apoxode review of 8:46 by Snowflake
Awesome performance, Snowflake, your range really comes through!