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Reviews left by Apoxode

Sat, Jan 25 12:57 PM Apoxode review of Canuma by Stefan Kartenberg
Very relaxing and uplifting, good for the spirit :)
Fri, Jan 24 10:10 PM Apoxode review of Your Guide by The Limnerz
This is great music, but ... this is a collaborative website, you need to upload...
Thu, Jan 23 1:41 AM Apoxode review of Sound Pack 4 - Phono Paper Noise Pack 2 by coruscate
Lazer drones galore! Good start for sci-fi sound design :)
Sat, Jan 18 5:00 PM Apoxode review of Easy Peelers by Javolenus
Sweet, nice and gritty strumming, the fx on the drums sound tribal -- very cool!
Sat, Jan 18 4:57 PM Apoxode review of evening falls by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice blues jamming, love the string bending!
Sat, Jan 18 4:55 PM Apoxode review of Phazing Dub by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Dreamy chill dub, love the shuffling of the beat ,'.)
Sat, Jan 18 4:50 PM Apoxode review of Unbound by Mr_Yesterday
Nice and tender remix :) I can relate, I am struggling to recognize keys and th...
Sat, Jan 18 4:29 PM Apoxode review of Jamaication by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very cool jazzy reggae! Chill and kind :)
Thu, Jan 16 3:21 AM Apoxode review of Jazzee Symphony by septahelix
Now that's a wild adventure! I totally dig all the treatments of the different s...
Wed, Jan 15 7:36 AM Apoxode review of I Wanna Dance by Speck
Super smooth, I like how well you mixed the vocals in with that funky groove! T...
Wed, Jan 15 7:32 AM Apoxode review of Trillium Line by Admiral Bob
So bright and smooth, so positive and relaxing, I love it! Thank you so much fo...
Tue, Jan 14 4:09 AM Apoxode review of The R-Word by coruscate
Good message to this track, hope it makes a difference in the way people think! ...
Tue, Jan 14 4:02 AM Apoxode review of Drugs Of Choice by Subliminal
Very cool backtrack, groovy and chill! Works great with the spoken word, awesome...
Tue, Jan 14 3:54 AM Apoxode review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by Scomber
Very heart wrenching :( Stay safe, Scomber, hopefully the fires will be stopped...
Sun, Jan 12 6:45 PM Apoxode review of Confederation Line by Admiral Bob
Loving this track, your performance is smooth and chill! The stems are great, I...