Reviews left by Apoxode

Thu, May 7 9:03 AM Apoxode review of DeJuan Lucian - Mafioso by DeJuan Lucian
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Tue, May 5 8:57 AM Apoxode review of Save the Planet by Ismail Mahmuti
Nice, very cool nature ambience to support the vocals. Good message, great mix!
Mon, May 4 9:23 AM Apoxode review of split ground by T_3
Nice, great energy, and that's some cool sample choppin' :)
Mon, May 4 9:20 AM Apoxode review of Stay Calm by SackJo22
Hoo-wee! Rockin' at 11 out of the gate, this is quite intense!
Sun, May 3 7:49 AM Apoxode review of Dance Of Isolation by Speck
Very cool, I like the separation between the warmup and tasty groove. That sax s...
Fri, May 1 10:14 AM Apoxode review of Synth Decet by Speck
Nice, very psychedelic, I can see the serotonin drizzling down my pupils :)
Fri, May 1 10:08 AM Apoxode review of CrazyFrog_-_Da_nil by CrazyFrog
You need to upload the stems for each of these tracks so that people can remix t...
Fri, May 1 10:03 AM Apoxode review of Focus on love by T_3
Nice energy! Very dynamic, lots of surprises :) Hope to hear more from you!
Thu, Apr 30 8:40 AM Apoxode review of Duality by raja_ffm
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Tue, Apr 28 8:44 AM Apoxode review of Different Planet by mykleanthony
Great vocal range and styling, I especially like the sci-fi theme :)
Tue, Apr 28 8:39 AM Apoxode review of Road to the Light by Ismail Mahmuti
Incredible remix! You have an excellent touch when it comes to level balance, an...
Sat, Apr 25 8:22 AM Apoxode review of Outside Boom Jam by septahelix
Nice, chill and moving mix, well done! user Educafe is gone, "Efforts & resul...
Fri, Apr 24 2:29 PM Apoxode review of Good Night by Dub Alta Fidelidad
Subliminal is right, an idea is to save your .ogg as an .mp3 and upload it (in m...
Tue, Apr 21 3:48 PM Apoxode review of Trust the Scientist by Ismail Mahmuti
This is amazing, love that first break/drop, very dramatic. Kara sounds awesome ...
Tue, Apr 21 11:04 AM Apoxode review of Bigger Things by Speck
Nice, balanced funky and creative use of foley. The comb sound is cool at diffe...