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Reviews left by Annon

Wed, Nov 2 1:58 PM Annon review of Clean by reiswerk
samples clean...mix clean.. production clean
Sun, Oct 30 4:37 PM Annon review of Grease man in a Jam by Jeris
sick licks so slick ! james brown+ Oceans 11 is exactly what I was thinking w...
Sun, Oct 30 3:22 PM Annon review of White Devil Blues by Robert Warrington
its just cause you keep writing songs about me ;) :D :D :D
Tue, Oct 25 2:35 AM Annon review of An Echo From The Ages by Speck
what do you do when they take away your number?
Tue, Sep 13 6:02 PM Annon review of Huckster by Blue_Wave_Theory
is the beak/turnaround a NO_means_Nosong?
Mon, Sep 5 1:51 AM Annon review of road to the mountens by Stefan Kartenberg
Wed, Jun 15 4:00 PM Annon review of Tight Funky Foot (sample pack) by Admiral Bob
tight mix!
Wed, Jun 15 3:00 PM Annon review of Amazing Grace by PresentlyLaura
compelling interpretation;
Wed, Jan 22 8:40 PM Annon review of Groovy Drums by DreamSynth
back to the lab with this masterpiece Plz come back soon!
Wed, Jan 22 12:51 AM Annon review of Thanks for the add by Stefan Kartenberg
this is HoT
Tue, Jan 21 2:18 AM Annon review of Acoustic Groove in E by Admiral Bob by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
the funkyThisistight
Mon, Jan 20 11:40 PM Annon review of The Light by Snowflake
georgeous This sounds unbelievably good who mixed this?
Mon, Jan 20 10:20 PM Annon review of Moar drums by Admiral Bob
May I have more moar drums plz?? Was looking for this exactly trying find c...
Sun, Jan 19 8:19 AM Annon review of Javelin by Skill_Borrower
1st time I get remixed its awsome Proud as a Peacok baby, Am I thinking; voc...
Fri, Sep 6 10:38 PM Annon review of Blues Riff A Szobámban by error404
Smetime BAD means Awsome! though