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Reviews left by FORENSIC

Wed, Nov 4 9:34 PM FORENSIC review of cell by grapes
sounds on to me... really nice beat to this also... i like it
Wed, Nov 4 9:32 PM FORENSIC review of Bits and Pieces (dance mix) by duckett
this is tight... im jammin right now...stay up
Wed, Nov 4 9:27 PM FORENSIC review of On Earth (secret mix) by Analog By Nature
very cool mix man.... love your mixes always... stay up
Wed, Nov 4 9:37 AM FORENSIC review of Fresh Boogie by onlymeith
This is sick... beat is nice and the pella fits the mood of the strings... very ...
Sun, Oct 25 5:04 PM FORENSIC review of Thats How I Get Down (version) by dinovelvet
man this sounds pretty good.... Its hard to get the vocals of this pella on beat...
Sun, Oct 18 6:43 PM FORENSIC review of Murderer by Alex
really nice beat Alex.. The vocals came out nice in the mix.. In my playlist for...
Sun, Oct 18 6:37 PM FORENSIC review of /RereDruM/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Loveshadow
good LORD!!!! that is hittin sooo hard... Man I love when you submit stuff... Th...
Sat, Oct 17 4:38 PM FORENSIC review of Murderer by Analog By Nature
Yeah man this was a great beat to write to. Send me some more stuff when you can...
Sat, Oct 17 4:25 PM FORENSIC review of Let Yall Know (version) by dinovelvet
I like the mix man... its on point with the pella... good work.
Wed, Oct 7 2:10 PM FORENSIC review of Murderer (Club Mix) by YimAir
very cool groove.... Deff one for the playlist... Love the drum kit on this and ...
Wed, Oct 7 2:00 PM FORENSIC review of Forensic, KC gtar party - Murderer by kidcharlamaign
I like it man.... Got a cool oximoronic type groove... If that makes sense. :)
Tue, Jul 21 4:46 PM FORENSIC review of Wake and Bake by MC Jack in the Box
heard this a lot earlier than just now.. but wanted to say I really dig this mix...
Tue, Jul 21 4:41 PM FORENSIC review of Deep in ya self DjiZ RmX by Kwame
the beat is tight man... hit me up on email if you sell any beats... I got a bud...
Thu, Jul 9 5:59 PM FORENSIC review of Get down by Jeffo
this is great work.. Nice job.... So crunchy.,...
Mon, Apr 20 10:56 PM FORENSIC review of u serious? by km3tz
sorry this review is so late... this is actually pretty good. I like how you loo...