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FORENSIC (4nsic):

Reviews left by FORENSIC

Fri, May 25 11:13 PM FORENSIC review of Gett Up by Alex
Very Nice!!!!!
Mon, Sep 19 8:29 AM FORENSIC review of Bounce by MC Jack in the Box
Awesome mix man.. I like how you cut up the vocals a little..
Sat, Sep 17 12:59 PM FORENSIC review of Crazy Drunk (cdk Club Mix) by Analog By Nature
CDK!!! Whats up man.. Its been a long time.. Nice mix.. Hope all is well witcha....
Fri, Feb 18 7:43 PM FORENSIC review of Godzillah of Hip-Hop v2 - Produced by Chronic-Wise by chronicwise
nice man... Yeah hit me up for a collab. Im always down.. You can contact me thr...
Wed, Feb 2 11:44 AM FORENSIC review of Vodkaville (mixed by Toht) by Toht
THis is dope!!! nice
Sun, Jan 2 2:17 PM FORENSIC review of Get It Going by Alex
Awsome... Great beat, great feel, You got it going..:)
Tue, Sep 28 9:43 PM FORENSIC review of Crazy Drunk by Blake
yo this is tight.. That bass line is NICE!!!
Sun, Sep 26 8:23 PM FORENSIC review of What's Your High ? by Artexflow
this is hot!!! love how it switches up 1/2 way through.. Great mix..
Sun, Sep 26 8:14 PM FORENSIC review of What It Takes To Be Me by Alex
this is a great remix Alex.. Those samples are really nice and they fit the mood...
Tue, Aug 3 4:06 PM FORENSIC review of Tom Chucks Bombs by Awkward_tom
dope beat and remix... Thanks for choosing our pella...
Thu, Jul 29 4:21 PM FORENSIC review of Excuse Me by Blake
Awesome... sounds great once again...
Thu, Jul 29 4:17 PM FORENSIC review of Our Father by Blake
blake this is hot man... Great track...
Wed, Jul 28 8:28 PM FORENSIC review of Dreamin Of A Breezy by Alex
so tight...nice remix.. def in my playlist... stay up
Wed, Jul 28 8:23 PM FORENSIC review of (HOT!) OUR FATHER - FORENSIC [BEAT BY PRODUCE GAME] by ProduceGame
This is my favorite song at the moment and your mix is great... stay up man...
Fri, Jul 9 8:20 PM FORENSIC review of Get Money by Blake
this is great... love the beat... this is the best remix of this song yet... tha...