Secret Sauce Secret Mixter

Firefly Secret Mixter

It’s time for the Firefly Secret Mixter!

Fireflies alight in the dark, advertising a future they believe they have with the one they love.

Anyone who has seen fireflies at night can attest to the wonder and awe that they instill in our thoughts. Also known as lightning bugs, their flicker and glow in the night sky sends signals that are still being decoded by biologists today. Some signals are a warning, some to attract a mate, and some signals are coordinated by whole groups, like a song of light where everyone joins in. Whatever the true nature of their communication is, however diverse, it’s truly amazing to witness light that is alive dancing in the dark.

For this next Secret Mixter, we encourage participants to add the spark of bioluminescence to the production. Send your Secret Mixter a remix that is alight with wonder and mystery. Translate nature’s calling into song.

With all the darkness in our world, it might help to remember, our world is also aglow with life.

Sign up by August 29. On August 30, assignments go out and remixing begins. Upload Day is September 13.

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This mixup is ancient history