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uploaded: Sun, Feb 4, 2007 @ 9:51 PM
FeaturingConnum,Sleepless and Verian Thomas
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M is my wife’s first initial.
She is very important to me, indeed. We met on an airplane.

This song melds three melodies. One is “Michi”, by Verian Thomas, which I have re-orchestrated into the opening section of the piece. The second is “Melancholic interpretation in G#”, a wonderful piano solo by Connum of Freesound, which I have altered slightly and mixed a bit into this piece. The third section is my own “Forgotten Fields”, off my EP “Tallgrass Canticle”, which is a free Creative Commons download. http://www.negativesoundins...

I am sorry to report we have no Super Bowl quality ads to read at our site, or, for that matter, any sales pitches, merchandise or ads at all. We’re about sharing in the commons.

“Forgotten Fields” is a cover of a Verian Thomas song called “Forgotten”, which is also a free download on his EP “Down” at our label, whose link is set forth above.

I’ve liberally used Sleepless’ many small effects, which have always been congenial to my way of making music (less concerned with “beats” per se than with samples of sound). I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of his Mental Stay Volume 3 and look forward to experimenting with the remaining volumes.
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