Ocean Dreams Music Event

How I Did It

Overt Reacting
by artemisstrong
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Fri, Sep 15, 2006 @ 1:29 PM

Tools I Used


Samples I Used

Brad Sucks source material from bradsucks.net.


This was a blend of three or more earlier attempts to remix this piece. I took bits from here and there and did a lot of monkeying around to try and get them to mesh. I added to these a sped-up version of one of the drum loops that progresses through different bandwiths, equalizations and volumes. To try and fix some disagreeing between this new beat and the preexisitng one from the "original" mixes I filtered some big chunks of the mix and re-layered them with a few of the original loops and vocals. The long tail of the song is improvised monkeying about that I liked and kept, hopefully to be used as a transition for a larger piece.

Other Notes

I love it when I go back to something I thought was hopeless and in a lacksadaisacal, intermittent remixing session wind up with something I like.