Us Universe Remixes

How I Did It

Tools I Used

FL-Studio 6 with a presmade mixer state that include the foillowing plugin fx dblue glitch, bj lo-fi and arc device cyclotron to destroy the sound the rest of the fx are js limiter, fruity 7 band eq and a buzz plug with the stereo mix pro on stereo to monno seting

Samples I Used

the basic was a midi from fx10243 called nightmare then i chosse a few sample from freesound all witch where on creative common liscencing

Original Samples

i added 4 sample of my own creation made with ym synth ealier this month i trash them up to go with the rest of the song


i use FL-Studio 6 to import the midi remove a few unessary track then added the sample to each track

Other Notes

This song was made with a midi file as the base normaly i rarely use a premade midi to make a song i like better working with audio and make a bit of creative destruction on it