How I Did It

Husky dogs
by Admiral Bob
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Sun, May 12, 2019 @ 8:51 PM

Tools I Used

Les Paul, P-Bass, Alesis Keytar, Garageband

Samples I Used

April's Eskimo E... by Beluga Ten
Slow drums by Beluga Ten
Winter Night, Su... by Beluga Ten

Original Samples

two guitar parts, a bass part, and a keyboard part


I changed the tempo of slow drums to 61 BPM, and used the sample with the kick and snare playing half notes. About 30 seconds onto that, I added the congas from Winter night. I added a tight room reverb onto the whole thing.

I added the wolf cry and narrator from April's eskimo, interspersed at about 20-30 second intervals. I added a reverb to that, as the wolf cry kind of called for that.

I took the guitar from Winter night, and looped it from the start to about 30 seconds shy of the end of the drum track. I dropped a 55% slapback echo on it with a lot of repeats.

On a real guitar, I added a spare part with some variations on Beluga's, to make it seem a bit more organic. Then I added another part with a bit of noodling.

I used and repeated periodically the flute from Winter Night. I dropped a big cathedral reverb on it.

I used the Keytar to make loon cries. Then I grooved along with all of this on the bass.

Other Notes

This was not a hard piece to do - Beluga should never have needed rescuing! So much good stuff.