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How I Did It

Mermaids in Japan
by spinmeister
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Mon, Sep 19, 2016 @ 5:34 PM

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Cubase Pro 8.5
Roland guitar synth (GR 55) controlled by a Godin guitar.
Plogue Alter Ego plugin for the robot mermaid vocals
Spectrasonics plugins StylusRMX for drums And Trilian for Bass with sounds mostly by PluginGuru

Samples I Used

The main guitar chordings are from Blue Wave Theory's Mermaid in Japan. And a short drum loop is from Blue Wave Theory's Huckster.

Original Samples

With the exception of the bass (straight and arpeggiated) parts, the other synth and even the additional guitar sounding parts are all created with the guitar synth.


Sliced and diced most of the BWT samples from 3/4 (waltz) into 4/4 with the exception of one section which stayed a waltz. And all samples were both stretched and compressed to arrive at a fixed tempo. And the two BWT guitar tracks needed to be done fully matching. So that ended being quite a bit of detailed work, also since both BWT guitar tracks are a combination of strummed chords and arpeggiated (individually picked) notes.

Other Notes

Tried to go a bit more japanese :-)