Holiday Funk & Blues Event

How I Did It

Hey Mr. Sun
by Quarkstar
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Tue, Mar 15, 2016 @ 12:33 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Drum, Rhythmic Robot, Grit Kit, Jazzmeister
Hihats, Rhythmic Robot, Grit Kit
Humming Top, NI, Kinetic Metal
Spinning Coins, NI, Kinetic Metal
Tape loops, Rhythmic Robot, Loopscape, Grundig String Section
Violin, NI Session Strings
Bass, Dune 2

Vocal EQ, Overtone PTH2A
Vocal EQ, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Slick EQ

Desk, Sonimus, Statson
Desk, Airwindows, Console3
EQ, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Slick EQ


12 Bar blues in Gm (one section of F)
I, IV, I, I,
IV, IV, I, I,
V, IV, I, I

4 bar turnarounds
I7, IVdim, I7, II7/VI7

Inspired by Ciggi’s suggestion I went for a retro mood but using some strange instrument; I used, tape loops, spinning coins and humming tops.

There are only five instruments playing, very few chords but they create a wall of sound.