How I Did It

Maisie's Dream
by gurdonark
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Sun, Nov 16, 2014 @ 3:52 AM

Tools I Used

Sawcutter 2.0

Samples I Used

The entire piece is constructed from Loveshadow source material.

Original Samples

I used Loveshadow's tracks to make patches for my synthesizer, and then wrote a new melody.


I took the "May" track and sampled it to create a synth patch for the primary melody. I snipped, morphed and edited the other tracks to add atmosphere around the melody. I used the "bye" track to get some odd beats for the piece.

Other Notes

Though I had had a vague understanding that Loveshadow was a pre-Raphaelite reference, I was fascinated to read up on the story of the painting. I wonder about people like the model Miss Clive, whose stories are in the midst of but in some ways lost to history.