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How I Did It

Path Of Glass (Orchestral)
by Quarkstar
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Wed, Dec 4, 2013 @ 5:44 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Ableton 9

Orchestral Brass (English Horns)
Orchestral Strings (Violin, Viola, Double Bass)
Orchestral Woodwinds (Contra Bassoon)
u-he Zebra (flute/string lead)


Converted SackJo's vocals to Drums to discover any beats I could use.
Did the same with Doxents Minimal Bass to provide a guide to the beats, although none of that appears in the mix.

Decided on a symmetrical theme to match the Broken Glass and looked through the Vogel's picture collection (online) to find a mood. I thought many of the pictures were introspective, searching and yearning.

The piece uses the Mystic Chord in B, consisting of six notes. I chose this key as it is a mirror image around C# (See sharp reflections) and in the composition I first create mirror themes, then break them up into reflected pieces and shards of the reflections. The shards are reflected between the instruments giving a different character to each reflection. Similar process to my tune "Spinning".

Wrote the chord structure on an iPad using Suggester. Wrote the main melodic themes and broke them into pieces and reflections, then reworked them so they made a composition.

The chords are almost all augmented or incomplete which creates the yearning and unfulfilled quality of the music.

The composition ends but deliberately incomplete.

Other Notes

During the production I connected the various parts and fused them together to make a seamless whole.

I found SackJo's ideas fascinating and want to do more with them.