How I Did It

Who's The Man (Ft Kara Square)
by Quarkstar
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Sat, Apr 27, 2013 @ 4:24 PM

Tools I Used

Ableton 9

Violin: Ableton Orchestral Strings
Harmonica Synth: DSK Harmonica
Bass Synth: RayBlaster (Dark Euro Bass)

Bus Effect: StatsonCM
Reverb: Max Convolution Reverb (ABLCR Chord Vocal)

Samples I Used

Clapping Flamenco from Max For Live Essentials


About 20 cuts and pitch shifts on each guitar track. To alter the rhythm I changed the volumes on many of the notes. If it sounds natural then I was succesful.

I haven't spent enough time making the violin sound natural, as I ran out of time. I would have altered the starts of the notes, changed the velocities and the intonation.

As usual I wrote about 5 more parts than I used, deleting them as I mixed down.

Other Notes

I don't know how Kara managed to harmonise and hit the beats over four vocal parts, an amazing bit of singing.

There is a tricky bit on the change from verse to chorus as I insert an extra 1/4 note in the chorus which pushes the rhythm off and gives a double beat at the end of the chorus.