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How I Did It

by Mr_Yesterday
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Thu, Mar 21, 2013 @ 8:40 PM
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Tools I Used

Recorded using a Rode NT-1A and Sony PCM-D50. Rode phantom power supplied by a FatPro FBPS-1.

Original Samples

Lyrics and the pell itself.


Literally recorded in a closet with Etymotic Research mc5 phones to keep the sound IN because the Rode is so sensitive it picks up cue tracks. Normalized and trimmed using DP6. Wished I'd normalized to -1.5 instead of 0 dB, hence the raw flac so you can listen to all the swallowing and breathing and edit it out yourself.

Did the flac and mp3 conversion using Switch but accidentally left encoding set to "mono" and didn't check. Replace all the files two days later; hope nobody used them!

Other Notes

This is me. I'm hoping someone can use it. Remix it, cover it, reperform the lyrics, whatever. I may add to it if I find the right tracks but I seem to be on a writing jag at the moment....