Rooted Rising Secret Mixter

How I Did It

The Next Step
by Trifonic
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Mon, Mar 6, 2006 @ 1:10 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

We used Logic Pro and an old school Pro Tools d24 card to do sound design and the tight edits. We used the built in Logic plugs and the McDsp MC2000 compressor to make really punchy transients on the bass sound in the intro.

Original Samples

The cut up melodic stuff is mostly guitar harmonics cut up and rearranged in a very choppy way. The dulcimer sound was programmed with EXS 24 using sounds from the Best of Bolder sample library (This library is dope! and it is a super good deal!) The "Reece/Hoover" bass was made by taking a kick drum sample and using the Generator X plug-in to generated a sine-wave. We ran that sound through "lo-fi" to bitcrush it. Next we pitched the audio to all of the differnt notes and time-stretched to various note values. We did the amplitude enveloping using the fade tools in the sample editor. The portamento was accomplished using the pitch ramping features of Wave Mechanics "SPEED" (SPEED is the best audiosuite timestretch out there.) We doubled that with a detuned saw-wave synth....and that is the phat DNB bass sound.


Cut.Paste.Copy presto!