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How I Did It

For Real: Beach Blanket Treat...
by SackJo22
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Sun, Jul 3, 2011 @ 2:50 PM

Tools I Used

Magix Music Maker
GT 60
Gibson Les Paul
Ibanez Acoustic Bass

Samples I Used

Stellarartwars Stems
Violin Solo

Original Samples

Lead Guitar
Violin Pad
Percussion (triangle, tambourine, claps)
Hand Claps


I started with Stellarartwar's samples which included drums, bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar, electric guitar. I redid the bass part as I wanted more space in the playing than what he uploaded. I also redid the lead guitar lick (using what he had written) because the lead and rhythm guitars were bounced to the same track and I wanted the separation. In his description of the song, Stellarartwars indicated he was going for the sixties/wall of sound type song which I ried to exploit, adding timpani, strings, handclaps, vocal harmonies and reverb in an attempt to get there. My first draft of the mix had 31 tracks as I doubled certain instruments and voices to work with stereo fields and different efffects but apparently it was too much for my system. Late last night, I ended up having to start over. . .. ugh!!!!!

I struggled to get the balance between all the instruments, spending hours eq'ing, adjusting compression settings and playing with levels. I'm still not convinced. . . but at some point, I have to call it a day.

Once again I am impressed by those folks who can put it all together an have it sound terrific. And once again, my technical ability does not necessarily comport with my ideas and this is just another step in my march toward "growing up in public" I guess. As always, mixing input is always welcome.

Other Notes

This remix kicked my ass.