Break the Silence Event

How I Did It

If You Should Stumble
by Admiral Bob
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Wed, Sep 15, 2010 @ 6:28 PM

Samples are used in:

Video: Night Rides by Myself

Tools I Used

Korg AGX-1000 pedal board, M-Audio Keystudio, Simulanalog Marshall JCM900, Simulanalog Rednef Twin, Simulanalog Univibe, Reaper, Wavosaur, P-Bass

Samples I Used

unkdrum95bpm by error404
Lullaby by Suzi Q. Smith
This heart of mine by jsane

A confluence of things caused this. I heard Ivan using "Lullaby" as a middle eight in one of his remixes. I realized I'd never remixed the great Suzi Q. Smuth, and perhaps it was time to try.

The same night I heard jsane's "This heart of mine" and was floored by how closely it tweaked all my stranger tastes - like minor key pads, thunder sounds, chimes, and soulful lingering guitar (though I left that out.)

Original Samples

Piano, bass, the pretty guitar at the front, and the loud guitar at the end.


I took two eight bar sections of "this heart of mine" and carefully appended them to each other (with a long trailing fade so they'd blend) until I got a complete bed track.

Then I added piano, bass, and the vocal. I repeated the section of vocal beginning with "If I Should Stumble" since that was what I had thought to name the remix. I had to do a fair bit of tweaking of the vocal - it is a little saturated and compressed, so I used an Expander and a spatial enhancer to try and soften it a little.

I knew I was changing groove at the end, so I added presse's drum part at the end.

Then I added the two guitar bits... for the opening section, simulating my live playing rig, and for the last section, simulating Jimi's live playing rig!

Other Notes

I am pleased with the result.