How I Did It

To Share Our Words
by SackJo22
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Sun, Sep 5, 2010 @ 10:28 PM

Tools I Used

Magix Music Maker
Ibanez Acoustic Bass
m-audio pro

Samples I Used

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Original Samples

Bass part
vocal harmonies


I wanted to integrate some of the older samples on the site. I was particularly interested in the Wired CD contest samples but the sample packs are all in .shn format and I was wary of downloading a converter. I ended up starting with Presse's funk beat and then combed the database for matching bpm. I found the Bucky Johnson samples which were perfect, because I did want to include some of the older samples in this piece. Then I spent some time going through the pells, with an eye toward the message I wanted to communicate (see note below). I started cutting up the pells. Adding bits and pieces. by the end of the day, I started singing and couldn't stop (when I probably should have and I ended up re-upping a different mix without hte bg vox). I really hoped to be able to use something melodic but I don't yet have the skill to remix melodic pells. Then I went out to see a play, had a couple of cocktails. It became the next day. I took my kids out shopping for school clothes. Drank a beer. Finished the Mixin Kitchen and then set about trying to finish this before the deadline. Mostly a headphone remix because by the time I played it through the monitors, I ran out of remixing steam.

Other Notes

I originally wanted to piece together bits from the various pells to create a new "lyric" altogether, with a melody attached. However, I just did not have time to do that. I did select excerpts from pells that I believe tell a particular story or adopt one of the many points of view that emerged in the material; our words are essentially a gift that we can choose to give to whom we choose.