How I Did It

Missing You
by shockshadow
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Sat, Oct 8, 2005 @ 11:15 PM

Tools I Used

Orion Pro, Absynth, Junglist, several drum samplers and a sampler with Squidfont Orchestral Soundfont.

Samples I Used

various drum samples I've picked up over the past few years (all free), and Squidfont Orchestral Soundfont (not really a sample, but it's so useful I had to give it double props)

Original Samples

All rhythms, chords, sequences, etc are original.


I was inspired to do this because I really really miss this person. She means more to me than breath itself. I started by loading up Absynth, and using my midi keyboard to come up with a long chord sequence. Then I loaded up Junglist and created a nice mellow, fat, rich and deep bass that would be powerful, but not distracting from the mellow mood of the chords. I did this all with the metronome on so I could time the bass and the chords right. Then I loaded up a few drum samplers with various percussion instruments and created the rhythm. Tried to keep a nice low profile with the beat so it accents the song and doesnt overpower it. Created a few variations of the rhythms for some variety. Then I laid down the structure of the entire song, and loaded Squidfont Orchestral Soundfont into another sampler. Added plenty of stereo reverb and a touch of X-Delay to fill out the sound, and created 4 512-frame loops. As I played the song, I recorded the orchestra loops by playing on my midi keyboard realtime, and switching over to the next loop as the song played. This gave the illusion that I recorded one long orchestra track. (Orion Pro only allows for up to 999 bars in a loop, so I had to cut it to 512) Finally, I listened to the whole song through, adjusted the various mixer levels to ensure no clipping or distortion, and to make sure all the instrument EQ's were balanced, and rendered it to wave, then converted it to MP3 at 192kbps to keep it under the 10MB limit.
: )

Other Notes

This song really echoes how I felt when I made it. I hope it comes across the same way for everyone else. Anyone who has ever truly loved someone will know what I mean.