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Pangaea (Homeworld Mix)
by XeroCrossing
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Mon, Jul 12, 2010 @ 8:21 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Cockos Reaper, Ableton Live 8, M-Audio Oxygen 8v2, DSK Chaos Theory VSTi, Bionic Delay VST, Or2v VSTi, PSP PianoVerb, wind VSTi, Fantasi VSTi, satellite auto-panner VST, Alesis DM5, DSK DrumZ Korg DDD1 patch, lead vox FX are Blockfish Compressor + RoomMachine 844 VSTs, backing vox FX are Blockfish Compressor + TAL Reverb, Ibanez guitar, FuzzPlus2, Blue Cat Chorus, delay and Mesa Boogie amp model.

Original Samples

Everything but the vocals.


It started with the spoken word poem and some synthesized wind sounds. I added a simple beat and a drone, then started slicing up the vox. I blocked out the E-piano-like rhythm and the drone, placed the vox pieces where I wanted them, added effects. Lead breaks were done later, then more effects (like pan and volume changes). Everything was done in Reaper except for early experiments in Live. The whole thing is 8 tracks and took about 3 (late) evenings.

Other Notes

I'm pretty pleased with this... it's a great poem and I hope I've conveyed the haunting, drifting quality of it. I think of misty, overcast primordial jungles, rocks and seas when I play this, slowly drifting away into new lands.