Holiday Funk & Blues Event

How I Did It

Briefly, Us
by Ivan Chew
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Sun, Jun 20, 2010 @ 2:02 AM

Tools I Used


Macbook Pro.

Samples I Used

All from remaxim's uploads in ccMixter.


In essence, this remix involved the changing and matching of track tempos, micro-aligning tracks, and lots of pitch shifting.

Went through almost all of remaxim's uploads. Excellent stuff there.

I decided the "Vibes, Strings & Drums" sample would be one of the percussion piece. Not quite sure where exactly but adopted its 95 BPM as the basis for the remix.

Downloaded what I thought would be appropriate for the remix. Converted the MP3 tracks to AIFF, and changed the tempos to 95 BPMs (or 190, or even 47 BPMs).

"Breves dies hominis by Makemi" was definitely something I wanted in the track. Gave me an idea that the remix could be along the lines of Gregorian Chants. Tweaked it with several different pitch-shifted layers, depending on what backing sample they played to.

"Hiding in a Shadow" served as the foundation of the track. Converted the tempo to half its original tempo and used that as the start. Wanted the track to sound dark at the start.

The piano sample, and the distortion guitar riff from "Ballistic Affairs" sounded like they could be the bridge/ break. Managed to incorporate them in, with a bit of pitch shifting.

Ended with a positive/ upbeat sounding piano sample.