Time of Terror Remix Event

How I Did It

The Marleybone Bus
by Admiral Bob
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Mon, May 31, 2010 @ 7:37 PM

Tools I Used

A Les Paul, a Yamaha organ, a Fender Twin Reverb, my BOSS drum machine.

Samples I Used

snowflake's "Mr. Senator" and the Cross harp in G.

Original Samples

I kept this as terse as possible to enable the dynamics. There is an organ part, a guitar part, and the drums.


I knew that I wanted to break the song to handle the lower tempo part, and got the idea of doing what the Doors did, which is where Krieger and Manzarek would just kind of loosely follow whatever they suspected Jim was up to, and sometimes stop and let him do his thing.

So I did basically the same for Emily. I slowly built up the first part of the song, and then stopped when she slows down, tinkling away on the drums, organ, and guitar. I let the guitar noodle quickly, and stop again.

This time, I borrowed "Little Soldier" to create the kind of counterpoint Morrison does on "The End" where he'll change topics mid-song. I figure the Senator's corruption has led the soldier in question to a war he doesn't want to be in.

And then its full bore back to the finale where I throw away the simmering I've been doing and go all out behind the vocals, which are doing the same. I threw in the harmonica to help keep it up, but took chunks out of it, as though the harmonica player were out of breath periodically from the energy level.

Other Notes

This was an attempt to get some "controlled sloppiness." I think it more or less worked.