Holiday Funk & Blues Event

How I Did It

Feeling Good
by Artexflow
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Sat, Apr 17, 2010 @ 4:11 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Software :
- Sequencer : Logic Pro 8
- Guitar Sound : Native Instrument Guitar Rig 2
- Drums : Toontrack EZDrummer
- Bass : Logic's preset "Session Bass"

Hardware :
- Soundcard : M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
- Master Keyboard : M-Audio Axiom 61
- Cables : We don't care but this is funny
- Pick : I can't see it anymore
- Guitar : Fender Stratocaster w/ Seymour Duncan Hot Rails

Samples I Used

Feeling Good by Forensic

Original Samples

I created the guitar, the bassline (well, this is keyboard and very close from the guitar but...), and the drums...


Well, I didn't know how ccmixter works, so I clicked on the button "a cappellas", and picked up the first one I saw (by the way it wasn't the first on the list).

I listened to it several times, didn't know what to do with it, took my guitar and improvised on the a cappella. The first riff came soon, I recorded it and put a funky sound from Guitar Rig 2 (the exact preset is "Funky Autowah").

After a few difficulties to adapt it, I recorded the same riff for the "rock" part.
Well, we don't care. I recorded all the guitars parts, step by step according to the voice.

Then I recorded the drums, with the Axiom pads, automationned everything, adjustings the errors...

A applied some mastering presets, "Rock Room Kit" for the drums (I changed the Multipress preset from "Punchy drums" to "hi-fi drum"), "Male Voice Solo 01" for the voice, adjusted the levels and tadam !

Other Notes

Sorry I'm French, my english is crappy.