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by Aamu
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Fri, Sep 9, 2005 @ 7:33 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Cakewalk Sonar 2.2 with my trusted plugins:

Ediroll VSC as drums (TR-808 kit) -> PSP MixBass
Used two different kits here, one for the BD & Snare in the middle, and another for the snaps and HH panned 50% right.

DreamStation -> Reverb -> Delay
Single machine for the modulating pads and lead synth. Whatever I try, DreamStation seems to fit all my purposes. (The delay is originally from Cakewalk Sonar 1.0, and it has cool LFO I set quite high.)

Ediroll VSC -> PSP 84
This is the high howling. The 84 reverb is quite similar to what I created for the DreamStation.

Tassman SE
This is the bass.

For vocals there are
1 AmpSim (with tremolo :)) -> Delay (verses)
2 Flanger (doubles the verses later)
3 Reverb (chorus)

Samples I Used

Only the original a cappella was used from ccmixter. The drumloops are hevily tweaked, but originate to http://www.pocketfuel.com/

Original Samples

All the other stuff is midi through some nice plugins.


I made a "normal" 4/4 remix with this a cappella. It was OK, but I found it quite dull. So, I started from a scratch again, and decided to combine some tricks I used with the Lisa DeBenedictis remixes: make it 6/8 like with The Cuckoo, reverse some drums like with both of the Below versions... but not with a bass as deep as with the "Below (Aamu Mix)" :)

I started with the pulsating and modulating pads. The chorus was just separate phrases, and was easy to chop and realign to the walzy pads, but the verses were quite a challenge. They still are the part that I find not perfect.

I couldn't find a nice transition to the next verse, so I thought of having a solo right away. The lead melody was quite easy to come up with, and putting it to the same synth with the pads was supposed to be a temporary solution. However, it sounded amazing to my ears, and I left it there.

In the middle of the synth solo, the slice from second chorus was put to vox channels 1 & 2 for it sounded better that way against the synth. It was an extra piece that didn't fit with the verse, because I sliced the verse and chorus to be interlaced.

And then I had to fill the rest... I WANTED a bass, and a simple, slightly detuned sine seemed to work fine, as always. Then some drumloops. I liked the simple TR-808 of the beginning, and didn't want any loops there, but ended up to use them only after the solo. All the drum loops I used, are originally 4/4, and one is samba :)

After listening to this too many times, I ended up adding the snappy things.

Other Notes

I had fun, and might upload the first version, too, if I can spice it up, somehow. I have this tendency of making mixes slowly: the a cappella came available May 6th...

I Worked with the first mix 10 weeks, had a Magnatune pause, and did this version in 10 days.