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How I Did It

Groove in D Minor
by Admiral Bob
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Wed, Jan 27, 2010 @ 9:13 PM

Tools I Used

Boss Drum machine, Fender P-Bass, Fender Telecaster, Les Paul, M-Audio Keystudio with GM Module, Reaper, Fostex MR-8

Samples I Used

I made all this.

Original Samples

I made a drum groove at 90 bpm, and then played the Les Paul skanking on the edge of the beat. I added the bass next, and then added the Telecaster on lead. I moved all of this off the Fostex onto my Daw, and played the piano part into Reaper.

I used two different guitars to accentuate the live feel. In a live band, two guitarists are never on the same type of guitar. Its an individuality thing, so I did the same thing on the recording to make it seem more 'live.'


That's your part to do. I did make some modifications to mix the preview, which might be helpful to know about: I put the guitar through the Rednef Twin VST, to make it sound a little more miked up. I threw a backroom echo onto the rhythm guitar to push it into the background. Take a listen to what MC Jack in the Box did to get another way to do it.

Other Notes

The whole thing took a half hour, and was a pile of fun.