Rise from the Ashes Event

How I Did It

I Apologize For The MegaMix- ...
by DJ Quenique
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Tue, Dec 1, 2009 @ 2:55 PM

Tools I Used

2 Pioneer CDJ 800 turntables and a Pioneer DJM 500 mixer

Samples I Used

All CC licensed samples from ccMixter:

Snowflake- Apologize

Chuck Berglund's Earth Day Remix

Unreal DM's Simplicity Remix

Spinning Merkaba's Viking Remix

Forensic's I'm Sorry For The Falling Snow Remix

Ditto Ditto Remix

RadioTime's Sorry Remix

Brad Stanfield Remix

Alex's Unplugged Remix


Spent a lot of time picking which remixes to use and then I figured out how I wanted the flow to go and developed the track listing. After that, it's all about the magic of music, the journey that it takes me on when I am DJing and the journey that I create for listeners!

Other Notes

This was a really cool project for me as a DJ! Although the megamix consists of remixes of the same track, it still feels like a musical journey...and a cool one at that!