Perfect Harmony Remix Event

How I Did It

by gurdonark
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Wed, Nov 4, 2009 @ 4:06 AM

Tools I Used

Magix Samplitude 14

Samples I Used

The three listed samples by Dokashiteru

Original Samples



When I use samples to create material, I often use the samples patch material for a software synthesizer and then sequence the result into a new song.

For this remix, I wanted to treat the softstudio, the DAW, as the sole instrument, and do all my work with the tools within the softstudio.

I slowed and pitch-shifted one of the synth sequences in Independence Day to create the bell-like tones. I dropped the pitch on the violins a bit and blended them into the mix. I snipped the little guitar section from "destination...." and pitch shifted it three times, while juxtaposing it with a reversed play of the bell-like tones from the intro.

Other Notes

DoKashiteru create such well-crafted music. It was a pleasure to work with the samples.