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How I Did It

by MikeTheBee
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Mon, Jun 29, 2009 @ 12:16 AM

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Garageband, Grundig Mic, Vivanco MX310 mic amp, iMac, earbuds for sound reviewing.

Samples I Used

"Fuckin Banter - Kamihamiha (Stems)"
by Kamihamiha from CCmixter,org under CC BY (attribution) license

Original Samples

Vocal tracks with 3 Voices for main vocal and 2 voices for start, tagline and end. Using 'helium' voice and 'deeper' filter


Import stems into GB, increase tempo from imported 120bpm (was 140 on description) to 160 per GB meter.

Recorded vocal directly to GB.
add vocals x 3 with effects for chorus, reverb, stereo width and tone.

Add 1 Helium and 1 Deeper vocals as parts at start and end. Tweek end for repeat and big ending. set ducking on vocals. Set panning effects.

Used 'helium' voice and 'deeper' filter.

The Video mix uses stems 6, 9 & 12 as infill at start, before moving to this here mix.

Other Notes

I wanted a composition that would bring the power and movement that the video of a Tag-Rugby tournament shows. The BY (attrib) license was of interest as although the video is not a commercial production this license gives me confidence the that composer is happy for use on services such as Youtube.

The video is intended for YouTube and needed to be family friendly. The instrument tracks in this stem set are excellently produced and it was great that I could use them to 'build' to the full track.

The video will be linked to at http://westofdingle.com