How I Did It

by Admiral Bob
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Sat, May 16, 2009 @ 10:57 AM

Tools I Used

I used Reaper and Audacity

Samples I Used

I used Durden's "You can Miss What You Don't Have" as the base of the track. I added Noisescape by go1dfish to add to the build up at the end, because it has the same chaotic feedback-along sound that Mike Sheuchter from MercyMe tends to get. Then I added Scomber's intro to amplify the theme, and c.layne's harmonies to back him up... everything was CC-ANC licensed.

Original Samples

I added two guitar parts: a clean and bright part during the main vocal, and a monster crunch part overtop of the string buildup. And then of course the two vocals.


I loved Durden's piece, but I wanted to modify it to have a dynamic that took it back to quietness. So I did that by rearranging the strings, and moving some parts around. I took Noisescape, and used it to help me transition the build back to the strings, and got a little feedback out of my guitar to help the process. Then I had Scomber speak right into the feedback, as though the guitars were turning into his voice. I detuned c.layne's voice from B minor to A minor, so it was in the same key as the song.

Other Notes

I played the guitars on a Pink Paisley Stratocaster. :)