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How I Did It

Lady Mercy Huckleberry
by spinmeister
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Sun, May 3, 2009 @ 9:10 PM

Tools I Used

Cubase 5, Melodyne, Stylus RMX 1.8, Omnisphere, Korg m3, Gretsch hollowbody guitar, NI Guitar Rig 2

Original Samples

the guitar parts


Once I figured out the scale of the gregorian chant, I used Melodyne to make the melody by Kaer Trouz fit that scale. The part I used from Kaer's song was a relatively freeform part from the opening of her song, which didn't adhere to the BPM very tightly, so I sliced and re-assembled that a bit to make it sit tighter with the beat. Everything else was pretty standard remixing technique.

Other Notes

I was totally blown away how well Kaer's singing works with such a different scale. Amazing...